Nowadays Trand In Saree Is Banarasi Saree

  • Banarasi sarees are popular across the  fashion world because of its intricate weaving. Banarasi sarees came into being during the  Mughal era when  Muslim  artisans and   craftsman  chose   Banaras as the place that  blended  well with their  culture and  started  weaving  silk  Banarasi  sarees. There are a few fabric  varieties of  Banarasi  sarees: pure silk (Katan),  Shattir, Organza (Kora) designed  beautifully with zari and silk, and finally  Georgette. When segregated according to design process, Benarasi  sarees can be divided  into  categories like Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Tissue and Butidar.

–        A saree is one outfit that can be worn by every single one of of you. If you are too slim or maybe too plump,    sari will befriend you the moment you drape it. All you need to know is which drape brings the best out of you.

  • Wear a Sari and definitely people won’t take their eyes off you.A single Sari can go with different blouse styles and it gives you an entirely new look  every time you wear it with a  new  blouse. You may go with different necklines (mostly at the back) or experiment with the sleeves.

  • Saree is that one dress in which you control how much you show. If you do not want a skin show choose a nice decent blouse and drape it the way you want.

  • If  you  want  to  keep  your  look a  lil  bit  steamy  you  can  always  play  with  the  back  of  your blouse and pallu. When we are talking of ethnic outfits, Sari is the top most outfit worn by women.  No wonder, it makes you look sensuous and is one of the sexiest outfits ever designed!!

  • Women have a nature of looking for the best options to be worn each function and that can be achieved by  spending a  fortune of some.  While there may be  many  intelligent  ways  where  you  can keep your wardrobe limited not spending much and still carrying  a fashion sense which makes others a fol;lowers of yours.

  • All said and done, you now have pretty good reason to pick one and flaunt your beauty!!!So go out and make heads turn with your beautiful collection of sarees!! When you are bored of wearing those regular outfit  pants , trousers, salwar, kurties, Saree is the best to be worn that carries a great  style sense. You can wear a saree going to anywhere , May it be Party, Function, Wedding, and anywhere else.

  • We all know that  saree is the most  elegant attire that can instantly prettify a woman.  No matter how many western clothes we girls own, there are days when we just want to drape the ethereal saree and flaunt your fashion statement. But have ever noticed that once a girl is married it becomes her duty to wear  saree,  irrespective  whether  she  is  comfortable  or  not?  We  aren’t  saying a  married  woman shouldn’t wear saree but the reasons that the society gives her to wear saree are absurd.

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